assets, (plural of asset)

  1. (finance) Any property or object of value that one possesses, usually considered as applicable to the payment of one"s debts.
    His assets are much greater than his liabilities.
  2. (law) Sufficient estate; property sufficient in the hands of an executor or heir to pay the debts or legacies of the testator or ancestor to satisfy claims against it.
  3. Any goods or property properly available for the payment of a bankrupt"s or a deceased person"s obligations or debts.

6 letters in word "assets": A E S S S T.

Anagrams of assets:

Words found within assets:

ae as ass asses asset at ate ates ea eas east easts eat eats es ess est ests et eta etas sae sass sasse sat sate sates sea seas seat seats sess sessa set seta sets st ta tae taes tas tass tasse te tea teas tes

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